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Upcoming Workshops


Fall Breathwork
Saturday, October 27th 10am

Breathwork is a powerful tool that brings about peace, healing, and transformation. Through bringing awareness to our breath, we can release stuck or old energies, patterns, beliefs, and negative thoughts. During this hour of practice, we will reclaim our energy and joy.

Yoga for Trauma Workshop
December 6- December 9

For yoga teachers and mental health professionals.

Yoga has been found to support the healing of people who are dealing with severe post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and complex, interrelational trauma- from military veterans to survivors of chronic abuse.  Trauma sensitive yoga practices have been shown to significantly reduce PTSD symptoms for people with complex trauma and to significantly improve quality of life.  This training will support you in making classes be trauma informed, as well as identifying new practices and coping skills to promote resiliency and integrate greater coping for intrusive symptoms.

Process Your Birth Story
Wednesday, October 17th 1pm

Attend a Process Your Birth workshop at Blooma. Through guided meditation, reflective journaling, and small group sharing in a safe and supportive space, we will begin to process your birth. Your birth story includes your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. This class is appropriate whether you gave birth a few weeks ago or a few decades ago.

Amy has a powerful talent of being present. I feel she is really listening, really hearing me when I speak. Being heard can sometimes be all someone needs to heal. Amy provides that sacred space of presence.
— Juliana Ericson, The Joyful Life Project

Amy does an incredible job with her yoga, meditation, and breathwork classes, and I’ve seen how she’s improved lives for the better with them first hand. Her commitment and passion to her craft is second to none, and I can’t wait to see her practice grow as she continues to help her community.
— Philip Bradley, Artifact Creative